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Karen Woodall of the Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy says those breaks would do little to create jobs. “So, there’s a very small percentage of corporations in this state that are for-profit corporations that are actually paying any income tax at all because of the loopholes.”

Read the story in the Channel 7 News Website.

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A February report by the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a liberal think tank, also cast doubt on the effectiveness of a corporate tax cut.

It pointed out most small businesses, often touted as Florida's biggest job creators, already are exempt from the tax. State data show that only 25,000 to 40,000 companies - less than 1 percent of all for-profit businesses in Florida - pay the tax.

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Florida’s Corporate Tax Breaks Pay Off in Jobs? PDF  | Print |  E-mail

...critics say there is mixed evidence that the millions in tax breaks Florida has already doled out actually created jobs.

"It doesn't seem wise to us to let tens of millions of dollars more a year go uncollected for the benefit of a few select corporations or industries," said Alan Stonecipher, with the liberal Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy research group.

"There's little evidence that these so-called economic-development incentives actually produce new jobs."

Read the story in the Orlando Sentinel.

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"We as a legislature will decide, 'This is how much we're going to spend on Medicaid,' '' Negron said before the Senate Budget Committee voted 17-4 to approve the overhaul bill and send it to the full Senate.

But critics of the Senate bill fear the cap could force dramatic cuts in services. Karen Woodall, a lobbyist for the left-leaning Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, told the committee that such a cap could have forced about $1.6 billion in spending cuts this year.

Read the story at Health News Florida.

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To conclude that a so-called optional benefit is somehow expendable or unnecessary would be a grave misinterpretation," said a February report from the Florida Center for Fiscal and Economic Policy, a liberal advocacy group. "The importance of these benefits is particularly clear given that Florida's Medicaid benefit package is less generous than that of many other states."

Read the story in the Herald-Tribune.

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